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First, please note that the description of this software has been translated to English using Google Translate, if you can suggest a better translation, please contact us. But the software is developed in correct English.

Simple Firewall is a Windows firewall management software, it can manage internet access for all apps on the PC.

Its GUI is very intuitive and its use is very easy. Just choose the firewall mode, the apps for which to change access permissions to the Internet then click the "Apply Changes" button.

The four modes of the firewall are :

ü Default Mode : To allow Internet access for all apps except those specified in the list.

ü White List Mode : (Recommended) To block Internet access for all apps except those specified in the list.

ü Disable Firewall : (Not recommended) If you want to turn off the firewall and allow all apps to access the
internet without restrictions.

ü Block Internet Connection : To block internet access for all apps without exception.

You can enable support for IPv6 protocol, if it's available on your network by checking "Enable IPv6 Protocol".

Also, there's two listing pages allow adding up to 20 apps.

App names can be modified after they are added.

The check boxes allow to activate/deactivate the selected rule for each app.

Please note that on Windows start up, the Simple Firewall icon will appear in the taskbar and disappear after a few seconds. This allows Simple Firewall to check, and possibly fix any changes made to the firewall settings by another app or due to a system bug.

If changes in the firewall rules are made manually or using other software, these will be deleted after system restart and the rules set via Simple Firewall will be restored. This is to protect your firewall setting from any illegitimate modification.

Important :

Do not use Simple Firewall at the same time as another firewall manager on the same PC.

Using more than one firewall manager on the same PC may cause conflicts between them and make them non-functional.

If you have an antivirus, don't forget to disable firewall management via its settings section, so that Simple Firewall can manage the firewall exclusively.

Software Information :

• Current version :

• Available language : English.

• Compatibility : Windows 7 (Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate), Windows 8 (Core, Pro, Enterprise), Windows 8.1 (Core, Pro, Enterprise), Windows 10 (Home, Education, Pro Education, Pro, Pro For Workstations, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC).

Executable file information :

• Size : 1 041 079 bytes.

• MD5 signature : 2D8F94340DB9EDD3D4BCF5A5975BB460.

• SHA-1 signature : 2F7F7D7E90B03B3E081FB0488999EC3D59555B13.

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