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First, please note that the description of this software has been translated to English using Google Translate, if you can suggest a better translation, please contact us. But the software is developed in correct English.

Text Replacer allows performing mass replacement of multiple occurrences of text in selected files or folders.

On the main page of Text Replacer, you have the visibility on :

Ø The lists of original strings and their replacements.

Ø The text in which perform replacements.

Ø The action buttons : Clear, Undo, Replace, and Save To File.

Ø The case sensitivity checkbox.

To make replacements you must first :

ü Enter text in which perform replacements.

ü Enter the original strings and their replacements, then check the boxes in front of each one.

ü Choose whether you want to make case sensitive replacements or not, by checking/unchecking matching

To replace occurrences in files or folders, click on the corresponding option.

Ø Files.

Ø Folders.

The "+" buttons let you select the files/folders in which perform replacements.

Finally, the "Presets" section allows you to backup, import or delete the database which contains :

ü Original strings and their replacements.

ü The choice of case sensitivity, independently for each section.

ü The paths of the files and folders added previously.

Software Information :

• Current version :

• Available language : English.

• Compatibility : Windows 7 (Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate), Windows 8 (Core, Pro, Enterprise), Windows 8.1 (Core, Pro, Enterprise), Windows 10 (Home, Education, Pro Education, Pro, Pro For Workstations, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC).

Setup file information :

• Size : 1 156 248 bytes.

• MD5 signature : 82FE9E85B80749730855A6FB32A98724.

• SHA-1 signature : EDDB9905DA74E270468ED594909011EB9A695476.

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